About Abrona

About Abrona

Since 1999, Hotel Restaurant Abrona has enjoyed a reputation as a unique hotel. Part of the reason for this is that our staff members are mentally challenged or socially displaced. Business operations are in the hands of professionals, who provide our enthusiastic employees with the necessary guidance and supervision.

Hospitality with a helping hand

We offer our employees a promising future in the food service industry. These staff members work in all areas of Hotel Restaurant Abrona, from the restaurant, kitchen and bakery to housekeeping, support services and administration. Our guests can look forward to a pleasant stay that includes good food, drinks, heartfelt hospitality and, above all, a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

A practical example is Wesley, who began at the restaurant Brazzerie Abrona in De Meern. Wesley later transferred to our hotel, where he underwent a personal learning process that taught him the necessary social and occupational skills for a job within the sector. This personal learning process included an external work placement. After completing this, Wesley recently signed an employment contract as a chef at De Hall in Woerden, one of our partners.

The possibility to undergo training, involvement in business operations and, first and foremost, practical experience teach our employees an occupation. Identifying individual competencies makes it possible for many of them to progress to a paid job in the business community.

All of our suppliers are also our partners. They open their companies to visitors, help develop and offer training programmes and are friends of our organisation Friends of Abrona. For more information, send an e-mail to Vrienden@abrona.nl attn. Wilke Sloesarwij. You, too, can become a friend and help give our employees a future to work towards.

More information on the Abrona Foundation can be found at abrona.nl.